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Respite Care Provider

Posted: 03/17/2021


Position Scope:
I. Under the direction of the Respite Worker Supervisor will perform as Respite Worker.
II. The Respite Worker is a companion to the Developmentally Disabled individual providing supervision in the client’s home and continues the individual’s activities of daily living while parents get time away from the day-to-day care.
III. Respite is provided to infants, children and adults, male and female of all nationalities, color, creed, religious beliefs and disabilities.
IV. Respite service is provided within a 24 hour day except holidays.
V. Respite is provided to clients with diagnosis that include but are not limited to: Autism Epilepsy Speech Delay Prater Willi Disease Acute Alexis Growth Deficiency High Risk infant Peterson’s Disease Blind Heart Disease Hydrocephalus Gigantism Cerebral Palsy Hearing Loss Hyperactivity Reyes Syndrome Congenital Hernia Mental Retardation Hypertonic Spastic Quadriplegia Diabetes Rett Syndrome Metabolic Disease Spina Bifida Downs Syndrome Rubella Syndrome Microcephalgia

Essential Duties:
1. Prepare a meal for the client and feeds the client (oral feeding only).
2. Dressing or undressing client.
3. Bathing (partial or complete) with assistance as needed.
4. Assist parent in giving medications (pre-measured only)
5. Putting on adaptive equipment (e.g. braces).
6. Receive and put client on school bus (if stops in front of client’s home).
7. Some light housework (usually cleaning up after self and client).
8. With assistance (family member or mechanical devise) may lift and transfer client as many times as necessary. 9. Change dirty diapers/briefs and assist in toileting.
10. Must be able to keep up with very active children.
11. Entertain clients with games, etc.
12. Maintain visual contact of client at all times.
13. Must be able to push a wheelchair or stroller.
14. Must be able to drive to all areas within the county to provide respite.
15. In a single day may provide respite care to more than one client.
16. May take client outside within the familiar surroundings of the home.
17. Will call the office to give schedules before attending any appointment arranged with parents.

1. A demonstrated ability to work with people.
2 Understands verbal or written instructions.
3. Awareness and understanding of the needs of the developmentally disabled individual.
4. Good spirits and mental well being and must be in good physical condition.
5. Respect for the dignity of the developmentally disabled individual.
6. An understanding of “Normalization” and “Choice”.
7. Must be able to speak clearly and make self understood in person and by phone.
8. Must be able to hear and see clearly.
9. Must be able to stand, sit, kneel or walk.
10. Lifts and transfers with the assistance of family members or using a mechanical devise.
11. Must be able to walk up and down stairs.
12. Accuracy, neatness and current record keeping: time cards, mileage and respite notes.
13. Prompt reporting of incidents and accidents.
14. Attends meetings, training, and in-service programs, etc. to keep abreast of latest trends and developments in the field of employment.
15. Attends quarterly meetings.
16. Adheres to respite policies and procedures.
17. Keeps supervisor informed of activities.
18. Uses forms and supplies carefully.
19. Must have a reliable method of transportation.
20. Must have a current and reliable method of communication, ie. phone, cell, e-mail.
21. Shall initiate first aid and/or community cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as needed.
22. Must be at work on time.
23. Must keep a folder containing work schedule and all forms required.
24. Must carry your respite I.D. card with you when doing respite work.
25. Follow Safety Rules at all times. 

Education, Experience and Skill Required:
1. Shall maintain current First Aid and CPR certification (adult, infant and child) approved by the American Red Cross or any other certified agency in order to provide respite services. (Title 17 of Respite Regulations) No on-line certification accepted.
2. Must be at least 18 years of age.
3. Posses a valid Driver’s License or I.D.
4. If driving, must show proof of auto insurance.
5. Posses a Social Security Card with current name and signature.
6. Must successfully complete the Respite Training Program.
7. Must show proof of ability to work in the United States.
8. Must submit to and pass the criminal background check through Department of Justice and maintain a clean record throughout employment.

Physical Requirements:
Visual/hearing ability sufficient to comprehend written, verbal and telephone communication. Able to sit for long periods of time, standing, walking, repeated bending, lifting, reaching and carrying up to 20 lbs. Ability to travel within the county as scheduled.

Environmental Requirements:
Must be able to work indoors in a predominately sedentary position. Wide range of physical motion required to include bending, twisting, standing, walking, carrying objects, sitting for long periods of time, using hands and perform a wide-range of duties. Also must be able to greet family members and community members in a pleasant and professional manner on a consistent basis. Must consistently maintain composure and meet challenges with maturity, objectively and strive to deliver the utmost in respite service at all times.

Scheduling and Availability:
On-call work schedule, Sunday through Saturday, with a paid working lunch hour. No work on holidays. Employee must be willing to work varied schedules when requested. Hours worked are 2 hour minimum and 8 hours maximum per day, but no more than 29 hours per week. There is no set schedule. Hours worked are dependent upon client request and employee availability. 

Position Type: Part Time

Salary Range: 0 - 29,999

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