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THE Community Card

Welcome to Yiftee! Whether you are a single shop, a franchise, or a member of a new “Community Card” in your area, we are happy to have you. This should not be your first communication on the program but if it is, let us know and we’ll fill you in. Yiftee serves over 5,000 shops and restaurants across the US with digital gift cards (eGifts) and promotions. We make it easy for people to “shop local,” bringing you more good customers.
This email contains a link to your “Activation Card,” which is what enables you to participate and redeem eGift Cards. Customers will show up at your business with a digital MasterCard on their phones or printed and you process it as a credit card. You will be paid as usual by the Mastercard network. To get started, please do the following:

As soon as you’ve run the Activation Card, you can start accepting eGifts, which will be custom-branded either to you, your franchise, or your Community. Corporations and consumers can buy the eGifts online from websites and Facebook and you are getting the full value of the eGift Card, just as if the customer were paying with their own Mastercard.
We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email or for any questions and/or assistance you may need.

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